18 mai 2021

Welcome to this project, to use it you need to have a Apache OFBiz® ready to use.
In the documentation we suppose OFBiz is installed in a directory at the same level than this project.

your developmnt directory/
├── ofbiz-framework/       - Base directory for your Apache OFBiz installation
├── OfbSwd/                - Base directory for OFBiz Selenium WebDriver

All details about this project,

  • installation

  • main goals and for who

  • how to use

  • glossary

are in the documentation which can be read

1. System requirements

The only requirement to run OFBiz is to have the Java Development Kit (JDK) version 8 installed on your system (not just the JRE, but the full JDK) which you can download from the below link. Make sure of setting the $JAVA_HOME environment variable.

2. Build system syntax

All build tasks are executed using the Gradle build system which is embedded in OfbSwd. To execute build tasks go to OfbSwd top-level directory (folder) and execute tasks from there.

2.1. Operating System Syntax

The syntax for tasks on Unix-like systems

  • Unix-like: ./gradlew <tasks-in-here>