17 novembre 2016

This month, In Seville (Spain) the ApacheCon Europe was the main Apache event
A special track was organized for OFBiz project, and in this track a presentation was done to present how GUI test can help collaboration between multiple project actors

Collaboration in GUI through testing


ERP applications need more and more modularity, which is one of the major priorities of the Apache OFBiz community.

This presentation will explain why user interface modularity and its associated unit testing methods can help create full process flow integration testing that helps enable and maintain application quality.


A key success factor to delivering good automated tests is the need to have various people (e.g. Business Analysts, Developers, Product Owners) all working and collaborating together.
This ensures that the application, its tests and also the automated test deployment is as efficient as possible.
Team for test should be the same than team for developping / deploying ERP project.

After some definition about test type (gui unit test versus scenario gui test) and their own rules and goals.

We will demonstrate, how Selenium-Webdriver UI testing is being used with Apache OFBiz on a current project, and how it helps to automatically provide enough documentation to help Business analyst and to create beginner’s tutorial for the application.