17 novembre 2014

This month, In Budapest (Hungary) the ApacheCon Europe was the main Apache event
A special track was organized for OFBiz project, and in this track a presentation was done to present ofbizextra Selenium WebDriver tools

ofbizextra Gui Test for Apache OFBiz


Apache OFBiz is a ERP and also a technical and functional framework.
It allows to build strong and adapted solution for managing Company.

Currently there are a lot of Junit test for internal business process but there are no test for user interface, because most of time standard GUI is modified in customer project implementation.

This presentation will show how to realize GUI unit test with selenium and webdriver to test Portal page with portlet, and how to integrate test in a continuous integration environment Jenkins(ex Hudson).

With standardized tests like these, it’s possible, in a customer project to deploy a complete test coverage to guaranty quality and scalability.


This presentation cover 3 main points :

  1. How to use the tools (not how they can be integrated to ofbiz)

    • Selenium, (ide, builder, webdriver, Grid)

    • Webdriver (java)

    • Jenkins (automatisation )

  2. How to create GUI automated test

    • for standard OFBiz GUI : screen, menu, form, xml

    • For OFBiz Portal and portlet (without and with Ajax )

  3. Feedback / 'lessons learned' and Best Practices

    • documentation

    • test granularity