08 novembre 2012

This month, In Sinshein (Germany) the ApacheCon Europe was the main Apache event
A special track was organized for OFBiz project, and in this track 3 presentations was done to present some ofbizextra goals, tools, and works.

ofbizextra addons


How doing in the same time the developments related to customer projects and contributions to the community project.
This is the goal of the addon system for Apache-OFBiz.
How does it works?


The Apache-OFBiz addon system is developed to:

  • Manage and develop functionalities (for one or multiple customers),

  • Follow all Apache-OFBiz best practices to be able to send development to Apache-OFBiz contributor, and so being integrated in OFBiz project

We will see what exactly is an addon, how the adm-manager manages its, how addons could be synchronized with Apache-OFBiz evolution and how to use its on a Customer production site.

We will end with the advantages and disadvantages of such a solution and what can we hope for the future.

This conference will explain, for people who know how to insert a functionality (technical or business) in ofbiz,

  • how to package a group of modifications

  • which information is needed to have a instalable addon

  • how to add documentation

  • how to add dependencies

  • how to add test

  • how to install a addon

  • how the release are managed …​

ofbizextra multi repository to manage quality


There will be 3 or more ofbizextra addons repository.
What is the goals and constrains of each?
What is the process to have a good visibility for its own addon.


ofbizextra addons repository should help developers to contribute to Apache-OFBiz project.

There will be :

  1. ofbizextra-addons-dev

  2. ofbizextra-addons-incubator

  3. ofbizextra-addons

Mulitple repository for facilitate contribution and having a good quality, so ofbizextra-addons-dev is open for all people who want to contribute and ofbizextra-addons is only for addons with all quality points review.

This track will

  1. details the quality points (development best practice, help, junit test, selenium test, user help, synchronization with ofbiz, bugs resolutions speed, …​)

  2. details how to progress for one repository to the next, how decisions will be done

This track present what is planned, but all can be discuss and change, so this track will help to defined the definitive rules.

ofbizextra CRM


OFBiz with a set of addons which customize user interface is a OOTB CRM application.
Details on howto install, and used


all functionality for a CRM exist in OFBiz, most of the time user interface is not user friendly, but some addons exist which customize user interface by created a large set of portlet in place of existing screen.

This track will present

  1. how to install a OFBiz CRM solution

  2. the list of functionality (company, contact, communication, document, planning, …​.)

  3. how to parameters (classification, role, …​)