31 janvier 2020

This month, no large changes only some cleaning and some small and simple enhancements



  • for platform-specific > html > vuejs : parameters management
    Now parameter are send with the correct field type.
    With this modification it’s no more necessary to have workaround for lookup-result in label

  • in install vuejs-portal plugin, add a short shell to create links in place of copy of files in OFBiz, it’s useful for developers.

  • start to remove FieldRowTitleCell and FieldRowWidgetCell and data are directly in field, so it will be more easy to manage title field with vuetify.


Start a document which will be reference all portlets, and there documentation associated.
Currently use existing docbook doc migrate to asccidoc for party-portlet and example.

Include in ofbizextra website a menu entry for this screenlet reference list

Review / refactoring

  • continue cleaning generic component

  • all ofbiz patch re-creation after Apache-OFBiz move to git

  • continue cleaning of FrontJsRenderer (cf JIRA OFBIZ-11310)

  • documentation about exampleFjs are now in the component

selenium Webdriver

  • corrections / adaptations after last vuejs update

  • unit test for party portlet, and so more generic methods created by migration from example methods