15 mai 2019

ofbizextra new website

Today, ofbizextra has a new WebSite. In the futur it will replace the http://community.ofbizextra.org website.

This website main goal is to publish all documentations (in asciidoc format) available in ofbiz and ofbizextra project.

Technology choice

jBake project has been choosen to manage/publish this website.
jBake is a static web site generator from asciidoc files and freemarker template.

JBake use asciidoc with asciidoctor generator and freemaker template, so very wellknow technology for ofbiz community

for more information look at https://jbake.org/

ofbizextra website project

The https://gitlab.ofbizextra.org/ofbizextra/website project contain all structure and template for this website.

All adoc files (and related other files like img) are copied from owners project, by a jenkins job "publish_doc".