31 décembre 2019

This month, no large changes only some review and some corrections / enhancements


Bug corrections for

  • VueTextFindField without ignoreCase

  • currentAreaId, it’s always available in showPortlet so call it correctly

  • form validation at the field level (mask, required, maxlength) now it’s operational (and tested ! )

Enhancement for

  • review lookup to be independent from formName calling lookup

  • manage lookup with params

  • manage fieldGroup with vuetify

  • default-entity is no more mandatory in form, if not present store-entity is not used and so, will be update only if this portlet is refresh


Short review / update for some simple older things (like specialpurpose versus plugin ;-)

Review / refactoring

  • Start review javadoc and comment for FrontJsRenderer (cf JIRA OFBIZ-11310)

  • start review / refactoring / cleaning VueJs app


We have added a new demo-vuejs environment, update with "stable" code.

Unlike ofbiz-selenium environment vueJs application demo-vuejs is compile with prod option, so app is more speed.
Demo-vuejs should be more stable without long failed period ;-)

selenium Webdriver

After the corrections and enhancements, the VueJs selenium test have been updated to test

  • form control at field level

  • drop-down

  • if theme is correct in the login process

A selenium scenario is started for PartyMgrFjs, it will be completed with existing test coming from 13.07.
For this new test, some example methods have been generalize and so move in general helper class.

Discussion with ofbiz-community about

  • POC Vue.js, to present it and what is working;

  • GUI modularity and attributes, to explain why we want to use a SPA (Single Page) javascript framework;

  • separating GUI from the application, to use ofbiz as a ERP-API;

  • PortalPage / Portlet / parameters : SGBD versus XML file, how to have PortalPage - Portlet is a production environment and so with a code version system for all these parameters.

Party portlet migration

Continue to migrate the PartyPortlet 13.07 addons with only for this month added the LookupPartyRoleType

And review for hyperlink in listParty screen to be able to show vuejs is really usable with standard screen.