30 septembre 2019

TestingBot Opensource account

To solve our problem with node maintenance, we decide to test TestingBot services. This company is dedicated to selenium running service, it proposes a very large range of node :

  • multiple OS (all windows) Mac (multiple) Linux

  • multiple browser with multiple release

and multiple choice to how to run the selenium. As it’s possible to use the grid architecture (hub + node) migration was very easy in our configuration.

Each time a selenium is run, a video of the test is record, its very usefull.

The company TestingBot has accepted to open for ofbizextra project a OpenSource account :

  • unlimited testing time

  • 5 parallele tests in same time

Thank you very much for them.

TestingBot have a jenkins plugin to easily read and store video in jenkins, currently the plugin has a little bug but they are very reactive, and a new release will arrive soon.

As TestingBot has a api to return test status and test name, simpleTestSuite main clas of OfbSwd has been enhance to send correct information when TestingBot is using. New parameters has added in selelnium.properties.

portlet PartyContactMech

All works done this month on VueJs was on the PartyContactMech component, now it’s usable, design is not top but it show clearely what it’s possible with some GUI dedicated vue.js lib, to have a "modern look".

Integration with OFBiz css is difficult, there are a lot of conflict and so some part of the portlet is not clean.

A rapid test has been done to change template of most of the existing generic component (used when coming from ofbiz xml file), it seem not a large work and look is clearly better that previous template.
We should study how it’s possible to have a dedicated theme to be able to remove most of the ofbiz css. It will be the next step.

Finish Infra migration

Today, all job runing 13.07 and trunk OFBiz are ok,

On some case, we have some strange problem with the VPS, for ex: some download does’nt work in a jenkin job but if we do a first download before it works !!!
In each case, when we have found a solution even if it’s not a beautiful solution we have applyed it. Migration has used too many time :-(

All selenium are return to ok, the last problem to solve is with Chromium and linux with VNC installed, so currently when chrome browser is choosen for running a selenium, it’s with OS Windows10.

Summary of existing jobs

  • each day

    • update ofbiz trunk, install ofbizextra plugins,

    • print javadoc (publishing on jenkins.ofbizextra website)

    • run selenium

      • VueJsPortalTestSuite,

      • HR company organisation

      • HR Employment & Salary

    • running selenium on Apache OFBiz demo environment,

      • createLogin,

      • HR company organisation

      • Employment & Salary

      • ExampleOverview

  • each week

    • update ofbiz 13.07 and install some addons (12 mains addons)

    • print doc webhelp

    • print javadoc

    • run selenium

      • widget-portlet (example)

      • common-portlet

      • party-portlet

  • run when necessary

    • publish doc on ofbizextra website