31 août 2019


nothing to say, it’s a good thing !

Plateform specific vuejs

Update FrontJsScreenRenderer to manage <plateform-specific><html><vuejs component-name= …​.

when using plateform-specific vuejs ?

  • when a screen contain a plateform-specific ftl, the frontjsHandler will not be able to manage ftl, so it’s necessary to migrate to a plateform-specific vuejs

  • if a part of screen should use very specific vuejs functionality, it better to create a dedicated vuejsportal-component.

  • when there will be some REST api for some object, it will be possible to create dedicate vuejs-component for using them.

first (and POC) example

We have started by PartyContactMgmt, to develop a vuejs-component from sratch, not trying to re-use html in ftl as template in vuejs.

To easily design this gui and to have a "modern" look, we choose to use the vuetify lib.
It’s not an original choice in vuejs environment !

Currently portlet is developed like it’s uses alone, all ofbiz css are desactivated !

new infra

Most of time has been used to migrate all jenkins job to adjust them with new orgniazation.

Currently main jobs works but not all, it should be continue.