31 juillet 2019

VMs migrated

Strange ! more work than in plan !

Copy - paste between VM and VPS does’nt work in our case, no one in ofbizextra people available is really system administrator, So it’s more easy for us to re-install from scratch each environment/configuration (than finding the good migration process).

More easy but more time consuming !

Current list of service / VM are :

  • website (and Apache proxy)

    • the current website

    • nextcloud server

    • adm repository

    • svn server

  • gitlab

  • jenkins

  • ofbiz-selenium : ofbiz trunk demo (using for selenium test)

  • ofbiz13-07-selenium : ofbiz r13.07 demo

  • postgresql

  • ofbizextra community ofbiz

  • hub & node for selenium

Selenium node

Managing selenium node is very time consuming (on a developper (which not love system administration) perspective ), because browser change frequently and so seleniumDriver too.
currently we manage only one node with OS Linux and for Browser Firefox and Chromium with only one release.

On the new infra managing a VPS with graphical interface is not OutOfTheBox. So too more time has been using for this configuration and result was’nt correct.
Selenium work with firefox browser but with chromium, most of selenium failed.

It will be necessary to found a better solution.


Work continued on VueJs POC this month by testing if it’s easy to start a new plugin for a new ofbiz component.

Party has choosen because with all party portlets it’s possible to demontrate how using same portlet in multiple context and so multiple different portal page (cf doc about modular and generic UI).
So new plugin partymgrfjs has been created …​

Previously all modifications on example for using it with vuejsPortal has been done directly in the component.
To easily create partymgrfjs without duplicate all common file, a new component examplefjs has been created with all specifics files of example.
So now there is the examplefjs plugin and we can use the standard Apache Ofbiz example plugin.

In partymgrfjs, we start to solve how to manage ftl in vuejs when we try to migrate PartyContactMech portlet.
We choose to create a vuejs component for each ftl, and so having an uri which can send all data used by the ftl. For contactMech it’s easy, a service already exist.